Chris Brown makes desperate plea to Obama for help to leave Philippines

Brown says he's trapped in a 'serious situation'

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Chris Brown has issued a desperate plea to President Obama for help leaving in the Philippines where he remains trapped for a third day.

The singer posted a third video on his Instagram overnight showing him on his knees in his hotel room and begging for help after he was delayed from leaving the capital of Manila over a complaint filed about his absence from a concert on New Year’s Eve.

Brown performed in Manila on Tuesday evening and was due to fly out for a second performance in Hong Kong when his private jet was prevented from departing.

His first two videos showed Brown joking about walking through customs

shouting “I didn’t do nothing” and launching an expletive filled rant about not being allowed to leave. But in his third video the 26-year-old was filmed on his knees and saying, "Please, please, let us leave, please,” suggesting Brown was becoming increasingly concerned about his situation. The video was captioned, "OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!" but has since been removed from his page.

Brown also published a series a panicked tweets denying any wrong-doing and claiming he was trapped in a “serious situation” that someone needed to be held accounted for.

The complaint against Brown and his promoter was filed by the Maligaya Development Corp, an influential religious group who claimed the pair backed out of performing at the Philippine Arena after being paid in full for their $1 million (£650,000) contract.

A spokesperson for the Immigration Bureau told the Associated Press Brown was being delayed as the Department of Justice consulted with immigration officials about his case. 

On Thursday Brown also announced his concert in Jakarta would be rescheduled on his Twitter page, citing safety concerns.