Royal family Nazi photographs: Images of the Duke of Windsor giving 'Heil Hitler' salute during visit to Germany for sale

Sale follows The Sun's publication of images showing a young Queen Elizabeth apparently being shown the salute

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Photographs that show the Duke of Windsor raising his hand in the Nazi salute are to be auctioned.

The latest pictures show the Duke mixing with senior Nazis during an unofficial trip to Germany in 1933 and raising his hand in the official ‘Heil Hitler’ salute.

The sale follows the publication, by the Sun newspaper, of images and a home video showing the current Queen seemingly giving a Nazi salute when she was a child.


Buckingham Palace has suggested it may seek legal action over the leak.

The Welsh auction house Morgan Evans, in Anglesey, North Wales, has described the timing of the sale of the pictures as “pure coincidence”.

Auctioneer Simon Bower told the Daily Post the timing of the sale of the latest images was a fluke, and the owner had considered selling for “some time”.

Mr Bower added that the collection, which includes images of the Duke visiting a mine as well of others with Wallis Simpson and Nazi dignitaries, was a “unique” collector’s item.

The trip, the year after the Duke abdicated as Edward VII in order to marry the American divorcee Mrs Simpson, was widely panned.

Despite promising to keep a low profile, the visit was picked up by international media, with The New York Times commenting that the Duke’s abdication had robbed Germany of a “firm friend, if not indeed a devoted admirer, on the British throne.”

The Duke talks to Third Reich officials, including Robert Ley, who was later charged with war crimes (Morgan Evans & Co Ltd)

The Duke during his visit to the German mine (Morgan Evans & Co Ltd)

The images are likely to reignite a long-running debate over the Duke’s sentiments towards the Nazi regime.

The latest images belonged to the manager of the mine the Duke visited. Presented to Major DG McLea of the Royal Engineers after the war, the album changed hands until it was bought by the local collector now selling the items.

It is estimated to go for between £1,500-£2,500 and will be on sale on 30 July at the Gaerwen Auction Centre.