The Top Ten: Double-barrelled villages which sound like members of a jazz band


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Neil Oatley reports that his friends Fred Gallagher and Andrew Kellitt organise motor rallies in the UK, on which business they have noticed many villages with double names which sound as if they should be members of a jazz band…

1. Broughton Astley on sax.

2. Croxton Kerrial on alto sax.

3. Earl Shilton lead vocals.

4. Fenny Drayton and Merry Lees backing vocals.

5. Isley Walton on upright bass.

6. Smeeton Westerby on drums. (These first six are all in Leicestershire.)

7. Barton Hartshorn was leader of a group from the Vale of Aylesbury who entertained fellow soldiers in the First World War, according to an unnamed friend of Neil Oatley.

8. Newton Purcell leader of the orchestra.

9. Stratton Audley on harmonica.

10. Weston Turville on washboard. "Once the seed is sown, a drive around the UK never appears to be quite the same again," says Oatley.

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