Google Street View captures security guard being held up at gunpoint in South Africa

The unfolding robbery was photographed by the passing Google car

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An armed robbery has been caught on camera by a passing Google Street View car in South Africa.

Images taken along Junction Road in Johannesburg showed the attack on a security firm van in February.

As the Google car approaches on the other side of the road, a white BMW can be seen pulling up behind the ADT vehicle.

The robbers could be seen running over to their victim in the distance as the Google car approached

Two men then jump out and open the passenger door as their accomplice waits in a getaway car.

As the Street View car passes, a man in a large green and yellow hat can be seen holding the driver at gunpoint as he is bundled out of the van and on to the grass verge.

Seemingly either unaware or unconcerned by the mounted cameras, the robbers drag the security guard out of his vehicle and appear to search him.

By the time the Google car disappears from sight at the end of the road, the robbers are driving away and their victim cannot be seen.

The security guard was dragged out of his van

ADT is the largest security firm in South Africa and its vehicles, containing armed security guards trained as paramedics, patrol requested areas and respond to emergency calls from clients.

In the armed robbery images, the company’s signs can be seen on display on the fences surrounding large properties and a guard post is just metes away.

ADT security guards are prime targets for hijacking by criminal gangs, as they often carry weapons, ammunition and body armour, the International Business Times reported.

A spokesperson for the company told The Independent that Google Street View had captured a “bona fide” incident where an employee's gun was stolen.

The robbery continued as the Google car passed

Theunis Kotze, general manager ADT Inland Region, said: "It was an opportunistic crime where an ADT Reaction Officer was held at gunpoint by two criminals in Johannesburg. No one was injured in the incident. The Reaction Officer’s weapon was stolen.

"The South African Police Services (SAPS), along with ADT, investigated the incident but no arrests were made at the time.

"The Google Streetview pictures recently shared on social media and brought to the attention of ADT could possibly assist in furthering the investigation and will be looked into by SAPS and ADT."

Police recorded more than 4,200 crimes in Bramley, where the hold-up took place, in 2014, including nine murders, 495 robberies and 79 carjackings.