Emu encounter: US tourist cornered by amorous Australian bird

Video shows the backpacker attempting to edge away after he gets a bit too close while taking a photograph

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A US tourist in Australia had to fight off the romantic advances of a wild emu that took a shine to him when he tried to take its photograph.

The man lay down on the ground to snap a picture of the large flightless bird, but when it spotted him it came over to take a closer look.

The encounter was filmed by Australian Joe Hughes, who posted the video on Youtube.

In the footage Hughes can be heard laughing. "He wants to have sex," he says. "He's taken a fancy to you."

The US tourist, who appears to be named Jeff, tries to edge away from the bird while still on his back.

At one point Jeff can be heard to say "How do I get out of this?"

Eventually Mr Hughes goes over to help shoo the emu away.

Emus are native to Australia. They can grow up to 1.9 metres in height, making it the world's second tallest bird after the ostrich.