Tourists are packing extra clothes to donate to refugees arriving in Greece

An initiative set up by travel agents allow holidaymakers an extra twenty kilos if they bring items to donate

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Tourists holidaymaking on the Greek island of Lesbos are bringing extra clothes, shoes and blankets to donate to the thousands of refugees arriving in the country.

It is part of an initiative started by travel agents, such as Jonas Madsen in the video above, who are encouraging tourists to bring necessities for the growing number of people seeking refuge in Greece.

Participating holidaymakers are given an extra twenty kilos of luggage for free, in order to bring vital supplies like clothes, shoes, scarves and hats for refugees who have survived the journey to the island in rubber dinghies and wooden boats.

Lesbos services are currently under strain due to the incoming numbers of refugees; and at present there are around 2,500 refugees waiting for registration by the authorities.