10 differences between men and women

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1. Pull down their genes and examine their chromosomes: men have a Y-chromosome, which is a sort of stunted version of the female X-chromosome.

2. Get them to take their sweaters off: men tug from behind the neck; women execute an elegant crossed-arms manoeuvre.

3. Measure their corpus callosum, joining the two halves of the brain. Women's are 23 per cent thicker.

4. Men are better at rotating three-dimensional objects in their heads. This may account for the fact that most good spin bowlers are male.

5. Kneel down; place one elbow at your knee, and extend the arm and hand, marking the furthest point the middle-finger can reach with an upright matchbox. Now clasp hands behind your back and try to pick up the matchbox in your mouth. If you can do so without overbalancing, you are a woman.

6. Women are better than men at remembering where things are.

7. Women examine their fingernails with fingers stretched away from them; men curve their fingers towards them.

8. Women hang toilet paper to curl over at the top of the roll; men have it peeping out from underneath.

9. An average women is 25 per cent fat; a man is only 15 per cent fat.

10. When women walk, they lead with their hips; men lead with their shoulders.