100 days in 100 post it notes: Husband tells wife he loves her every day

Jesse Ben Hale s spending 100 days scribbling on pieces of paper all the reasons his wife is special

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A husband has decided not to celebrate Valentine's Day and has instead vowed to tell his wife he loves her for 100 days using post-it notes, in a romantic (and/or nauseating) extended love fest.

Jesse Ben Hale is spending 100 days scribbling on pieces of paper all the reasons his wife is special, beginning with "you are more beautiful than I could ever imagine" on day one of his project 'I'm telling my wife I love her for 100 days'.

Mr Hale, from Kansas, has uploaded videos of himself penning each note on to Give it 100, a website designed for encouraging people to undertake creative projects for 100 days.

The notes in Mr Hale's videos range from the slightly cringe-inducing "you are the reason couch manufacturers designed snugglers" to the questionable, "listening to you sing next to me on Sunday morning, it just doesn't get any better" and the more obvious, "you miss me when I travel".

Mr Hale has received overwhelmingly positive responses from people across the world to his project. One person commented:"Every woman in the world will be in love with you", while another added: "you can never say i love you too much! great idea!!!".

One user even found the project inspirational, and wrote: "I needed to see this today. Real men still do exist. Inspirational, thanks."


Have a look at the full project here.

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