11 killed and scores injured over holiday: Britain 1993: Drivers fail tostop after fatal accidents

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ELEVEN people died and scores were injured in road accidents, murder, rape and fights early yesterday.

A 19-year-old man will appear in court today charged with the murder of a man in Shotts, Strathclyde.

Four of those killed were believed to have been returning home after new year celebrations when they were hit by vehicles, three of which did not stop.

In Plymouth, a 27-year-old woman was raped as she walked through the Mutley area of the city, and a young man died after a fight at a wine bar.

Thames Valley and Dorset police forces said they were overwhelmed by the number of arrests; however, no serious disorder was reported among large crowds in Edinburgh and London.

Police blamed speeding traffic for a 44-vehicle crash in dense fog on the A2 trunk road in Kent; one woman died and 30 people were injured.