21 MPs who hold Major's fate in their hands - Page 6

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'I know that in the Ayes Lobby there will be the Goliaths and that in the Noes Lobby there will be a handful of street politicians. The instinctive prejudices and wisdom of street politicians hold the key to Europe's future, not those of the good and the great.'

John Biffen, former Cabinet minister, before voting against the Second Reading of the Bill.

'Since the collapse of the Berlin Wall, we have moved into a completely new Europe. Merely grafting on so-called new solutions to what appear to be old problems will create disunity in Europe and not the European union that some are claiming in the provisions that we are discussing. It will not be diversity; it will be disunity.' William Cash, leading rebel, in the committee stage.

'If we accept the Bill we shall face pressure from our partners in the EC to agree to Stage Three of economic and monetary union. It means that we are on a conveyor belt to perhaps federalism or perhaps something else - I do not know. The fact of the matter is that no one knows. But we are on that conveyor belt and it is accelerating.' James Cran, during the Second Reading.