90-year-old motorist's jail term suspended

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A 12-MONTH jail sentence on a 90-year-old motorist who killed a six-year-old girl and her grandmother as they crossed the road was suspended by the Court of Appeal yesterday.

Stanley Casson became Britain's oldest prisoner when he was sentenced at Manchester Crown Court last month after he admitted causing the death of Bridget Wood, 78, and her granddaughter Hollie-Rose Williams by dangerous driving.

But within hours Casson was released on bail, pending appeal. Lord Justice Kennedy said yesterday: "Nothing that any court can do can assuage the grief of those whose relatives were killed. But the public interest in this extremely unusual case will not be served by this man having actually to serve the sentence passed upon him."

Casson had maintained an unblemished record since he began driving aged 17. He was described as a "model citizen" who was full of remorse and now in such poor health that a prison sentence could kill him.

He told police he could not explain why he failed to see the pedestrians, although he said he did not like driving at night.