A dancer on her uppers finds the answer to school fees lying at her feet

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A TALENTED teenager is hoping to fund her training at a top London dance school by selling signed photographs of her feet in ballet shoes.

Hanna Tatham, 17, has been offered places at both the London Contemporary Dance School and the Laban Centre when she finishes her A-level in dance at sixth-form college.

However, because they are private establishments, she does not qualify for a mandatory grant, and the local council does not give out discretionary awards.

So Hanna and her family, who live in Totnes, Devon, have started a campaign to raise about pounds 8,000 - the tuition costs for a three-year course at either of the schools.

The family are hoping to sell hundreds of signed copies of the specially- commissioned picture to friends and supporters for pounds 20 each. So far, they have had a great response.

Her father, Dr Peter Tatham, a psychotherapist, said: "We are appealing against the council's decision, and we are also writing to various trusts to try and find the money, but the likelihood is that we will have to find most of the pounds 8,000 ourselves."