'A fabulous friend to journalists'

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THE NEWSPAPER industry last night praised Sir David English, the longest-serving editor in Fleet Street history.

Lord Wakeham, the chairman of the Press Complaints Commission, paid tribute to Sir David - who was chairman of the Editor's Code of Practice Committee - as a professional journalist and friend. He said: "David was a giant of British journalism. A champion of a free and responsible press, he has left an indelible impression on his profession. I shall miss a great friend."

Lord Hollick, the proprietor of the Mail's great rival, the Express, said: "David English had an unmatched ability to understand and to lead public opinion."

Broadsheet and tabloid editors were united in their respect for the most successful editor of his time.

The Guardian editor, Alan Rusbridger, said: "He was a shrewd political fixer and someone who gave endless time and encouragement to younger journalists." Charles Moore, the editor of the Daily Telegraph, said: "He and I had a fierce disagreement last year, but that did nothing to diminish my respect for his consummate professionalism."

The former deputy chief executive of Mirror Group Newspapers and former editor of the Sun, Kelvin MacKenzie, said: "For 30 years David has been a great friend to me and a fabulous friend to journalists."

The editor of the Mirror, Piers Morgan, said: "David English was a brilliant editor, a superb technician and the most formidable of opponents."