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Compact, concise and comprehensive, The Independent on Sunday will give you everything you want from the Sunday papers in one big newspaper and one big magazine.

With a fresh approach to news presentation, new features, columns and a crisp, modern new design, the paper will give you the latest news and will also offer a comprehensive review of all the big stories and talking points of the past week, as well as all the big issues and big names that will be making the news in the week to come.

In the age of information overload, The Independent on Sunday will make sense of an increasingly confusing world, with all the news values of a daily paper and the production values of a weekly magazine.

The new Sunday Review colour supplement will be bigger, both in size and number of pages, with arts and books at its centre and the best seven-day TV guide of any paper.

All you need to read in one big paper and one big magazine. Nothing left out. No waste. We think you will be surprised by what we have done. We hope you will enjoy it. We know you will tell us, one way or the other.

You can have your say on the new paper, or any of the stories and issues raised in today’s paper, by going to: www.independent.co.uk/IoSblogs Please give us your views on our major stories; vote in our polls; decide who the hero and villain of the week are; tell us about your travel experiences or put ideas in our suggestions box. It’s your paper, so have your say.

The new Independent on Sunday, everything you want and nothing you don't want.