A romantic Christmas? It's as simple as ABC

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Already wondering how you are going to survive the festive season? The marriage guidance specialists Relate have compiled a Christmas quiz to see whether your relationship, at least, will last as long as the turkey left-overs.

Cherida Fletcher, manager of the organisation's Wolverhampton branch, which devised the questions, said that couples should use their quiz in place of more traditional Christmas diversions, "to decide whether they need to make that appointment with Relate straight away."

The questions are as follows:

1. Did you decide together who was coming to stay at Christmas?

A. Yes B. No C. Haven't decided

2. What do you usually buy first for Christmas?

A. Drinks B. Your partner's present C. Other people's presents

3. What do you buy for your partner?

A. A surprise B. Gift vouchers or money C. You wait for the sales

4. Do you remember what your partner bought you last year?

A.Yes B.No C.You didn't get anything

5.Did you have to change it?

A. No B. Yes C. It broke before you could use it

6.When was the last time you spent a quiet Christmas night together?

A. Can't remember B. When the telly broke C. Never

7.How would you like to be treated at Christmas?

A. Like you're special B. Like a lover C. You want to be left alone to sleep

8.What springs to mind when you think about Christmas?

A. Arguments B. All the work C. Getting drunk

9. Would you love one of those Christmases that everyone else seems to have?

A. Yes B. They're just a myth - aren't they? C.You just want to sleep

10. Do you wish those messages on the late-night radio programmes were for you and...

A. From your partner? B. From your lover? C. What late-night messages?

According to Relate, the answers give "an accurate portrayal of the state of a relationship". Their conclusions are as follows: Mostly As, and you should talk to your partner about what kind of Christmas you really want. Bs, and you've been disappointed too many times already.

"If most of your answers are Cs, you and your partner need to do some serious talking about how to have fun together," says Ms Fletcher. "Maybe you should consider talking to Relate before it's too late."