A snapshot of lifestyles across the country

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t More than a quarter of all dwellings are council tenants.

t 1 in 6 households had an income of less than pounds 80 in 1993.

t Households most likely to have central heating, least likely to own car.


t Nearly 60 per cent of further education students are female.

t Recorded crime rate is the highest in England and Wales.

t Nearly two-thirds of adults took a holiday in 1994.


t Women in region work the longest hours for the lowest pay.

t Drink-driving offences more likely to attract a prison sentence.

t Average size of secondary classes is smaller than any other region.


t Lowest claimant unemployment rate in 1994 at 7.2 per cent.

t People are less likley to be heavy smokers, least likely to be teetotal.

t Highest proportion of households with a car.


t 1 in 5 households had gross weekly income of pounds 650 or more in 1993.

t Nearly a quarter of land made Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

t 1 in 10 people belongs to an ethnic minority.


t More than 1 person in 5 is a pensioner.

t Households are most likely to have gilts, unit trusts, stocks and shares.

t Police forces most likely to give oral caution for indictable offence.


t Highest proportion of female and ethnic minority police officers.

t 1 in 4 workers is in manufacturing.

t Dwellings (along with North-west) smaller than in other regions.


t Nearly 2 in 5 births are outside marriage.

t Private-sector rents (pounds 27 a week in 1994) lowest in England and Wales.

t Highest crime clear-up rate in England.


t Infant mortality rate declined quicker since 1981 than elsewhere.

t Highest proportion of workers in a trade union.

t Fewest adults took a holiday.


t Nearly a quarter of boys and a third of girls achieved grades A to C in all core subjects of national curriculum in 1992 to 93.

t Biggest house price rise in UK - 31% - between 1989 and 1994.

t Workers have the most generous paid holiday entitlement.


t Male average earnings the lowest in Britain.

t Youngest population: proportionally fewer pensioners, more children.

t 1 in 6 men is a heavy smoker.