A summer of evolution for independent.co.uk

First up, a few navigation changes
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We have made some changes to the site structure at independent.co.uk, responding to your clear guidance about the articles you want given greater prominence.

We've also tried to make some areas more intuitive, changing the old Enjoyment to Arts and introducing a new Life channel.

These changes are the start of a summer of evolution for the ever-growing independent.co.uk, with new services and functionality to be added over the coming months.

What's changed already? Here's your at-a-glance guide:

* The sections for Robert Fisk , Health , and Science & Technology are all elevated within the News channel.

* Environment is now a channel in its own right, underlining The Independent's determined coverage on a range of topics from climate change to lifestyle and wildlife .

* Enjoyment is now Arts , with Books , Film , Music and Theatre sections.

* A new channel for Living encompasses Motoring , Food & Drink , as well as the ever-growing microsites for Dating , Gaming and Offers .

Our policy will be one of logical evolution, making every attempt to avoid confusion and shocks for our loyal and honestly valued users.

We promise to keep you updated. Keep an eye on the Editor's Choice links.