A week at the conference

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Main announcements

5,000 more police officers

Cut taxes as soon as prudent, including

inheritance tax and capital gains tax

Double assisted places scheme

Railtrack to be privatised in the spring

M15 to join fight against organised crime

Asylum claimants' benefit to be curbed

5 per cent cut in hospital grey suits

Improve local democracy in Scotland

Pledge not to go Euro-federalist

Quotes of the week

"Beat Labour one more time, and you've beaten socialism out of this country for good." John Major

"It's difficult to set rational argument against the last movement of Beethoven's Ninth." Mr Major on the pressure to be a good European

"We are the stormtroopers of the new orthodoxy." Nick Budgen MP on the success of the Euro-sceptic right

"Politics is about serving your country's electorate and not puerile posturing." Lord Plumb, leader of the Conservative MEPs hits back at Euro-sceptics

"Some of you think I talk about Prudence so much that my wife should start getting worried.." Kenneth Clarke

Good week... ...bad week Devil of the week

John Major

who persuaded at least some Conservatives that they could win the next election

Michael Portillo

who provoked the ire of ambassadors and even Tory right-wingers by going over the top in his attack on Brussels

Alan Howarth

explanation unnecessary


1 John Major



2 Michael Howard



3 Michael Heseltine



4 Gillian Shephard



5 Michael Portillo



Baroness Thatcher



Michael Dobbs' man of the week

(the performance which took the eye of the former Tory vice-chairman and House of Cards author)

Brian Mawhinney, party chairman, for organising in weeks the most

effective conference for years

The parties of the week

Battle of the peers Lord Hesketh and Archer. Both in the Imperial, Hesketh's was more fun, Archer's was more glamorous, including all the Tory grandees

Compiled by Stephen Goodwin