Abattoir is firebombed in animal rights attack

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An abattoir was firebombed yesterday in an attack thought to be the work of animal rights activists.

Police investigating the blaze at AF Ensor in Cinderford, Gloucestershire, found more than 20 incendiary devices, some of which had failed to go off.

One lorry tractor unit was destroyed by fire and four other lorries damaged in the attack.

Petrol and paper was strewn inside the building causing minor damage. The total cost of the damage was estimated at between pounds 30,000 and pounds 40,000.

Police were trying to trace a man who made a 999 call to the fire brigade at 3.30am from a telephone kiosk on Cinderford Bridge.

Inspector David Morgan of Gloucestershire police, said: "The fires appear to have been caused by incendiary devices. A search has been made and it appears over 20 devices were planted, some of which failed to ignite. Ensor's is a meat trading company and we are investigating whether the attack has an animal rights connection."

A spokesman for the company said he was unable to give any further information. No organisation has admitted responsibility for the attack.

Last month, similar attacks on two milk tanker depots in Macclesfield and Crewe, Cheshire, caused more than pounds 2m damage.

An animal rights source said: "People have stopped claiming responsibility for these attacks for various reasons but this one sounds like a classic Animal Liberation Front operation designed to damage property without causing injury."