Abortion dilemma for Irish court

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The Dublin High Court will tomorrow be asked to block an abortion for a 13-year- old Gypsy who was allegedly raped. It follows a decision on Friday by Dublin's Children's Court to allow the girl to travel abroad for a termination, now opposed by her parents.

The case highlights Ireland's abortion-law chaos after the 1992 "X" case, and problems facing the Ahern government's planned abortion legislation.

The Children's Court heard reports indicating a termination would be in the girl's interest and evidence that she wanted this. Her parent's lawyers obtained a stay on the decision pending the High Court appeal.Until last Tuesday her father had favoured an abortion. The parents changed their minds after anti-abortion campaigners visited them. The family switched legal teams to one funded by pro-lifers.

In the 1992 "X" case a suicidal 14-year-old was barred from travelling for a termination until the Supreme Court overturned the ruling. Alan Murdoch, Dublin