Adams 'launches book' in House

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Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams is planning to speak about his forthcoming autobiography within the Palace of Westminster - a year after he was banned from a similar book launch at the House of Commons.

Mr Adams's publisher, Heinemann, says a press conference to be chaired by left-wing Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn will be held on September 26 to coincide with the publication of Before The Dawn at a function room inside the Houses of Parliament.

Infuriated Conservative and Unionist members yesterday said they intended to try to prevent this latest event from going ahead. David Wilshire, MP for Spellthorne, said: "I consider it an exercise which is cynical beyond belief. Adams would give the money from this book to murderers, let us not be mealy-mouthed about this." He said he would take up the matter as soon as Parliament resumes. "Clearly the rules may allow it, but if so, the rules are a disgrace."

Last year Mr Adams was banned from the Commons just a few days from the planned launch of another book, Free Ireland, which gave Sinn Fein's side of the armed struggle. This earlier, thwarted launch was booked into the same venue, the Jubilee Room, and was also arranged by Mr Corbyn. On that occasion the Speaker of the House, Betty Boothroyd, ruled that the Commons could not be used for commercial purposes.

Lord Tebbit, an IRA victim himself, led the outcry against Mr Corbyn's venture last year, but he took a defeatist tone when he learnt of the plan for a new book launch. "It seems that these days even ministers don't have any objection to talking to terrorists ... Presumably Mr Corbyn is aware it is now government policy to be nice to these people."