After Kim Sears swear-gate, here are the best foul-mouthed outbursts caught on camera

Sweary Sears reminds us that most have had a foul-mouthed moment

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This week, a famous dog painter was caught on camera apaprently swearing during a high-profile tennis match, while an angry war veteran uttered a rather degrading put down to a bunch of potentially peaceful hippies.

With Kim Sears' outburst causing shock waves around the internet, it's almost as if everyone has forgotten that well known individuals are just like us and prone to swearing, and that because they often have a number of cameras pointing at them, a momentary fit of anger can become world news.

Of course, there are some occasions when a foul-mouthed outburst on live television is entirely their intention:

Kim Sears on Tomas Berdych

Even before Andy Murray took on Tomas Berdych at the Australian Open, there was bound to be a lot of tension, given that the Czech player was now under the tutelage of the Scotsman's former coach. Murray made a good few rude grunts along the way but it was Sears' apparent potty-mouthed antics that made the media gasp. Apparently, she could be seen saying, "F***ing have that you Czech flash f***" at Berdych.

Alan Pardew on Manuel Pellegrini

It can be difficult for Pardew to adjust to the fact that not everyone has the same silver-fox appearance as him when they look in the mirror. Manchester City boss Pellegrini certainly discovered that the hard way when the then Newcastle manager was filmed calling him a "f***ing old c***". Pardew apologised during and after the game and he was not charged by the FA.

Alan Sugar on the recession

Given he's the face of The Apprentice and he's Lord of Clapton, it seemed obvious for one BBC reporter to ask Alan Sugar what was the best way to get the UK out of recession. However, it seems the question took Sugar by surprise, as he just shook his head, said "s****ing a****" and walked away.

John McCain on anti-war protestors

Not a swear-ridden outburst as such but one would expect better from a war veteran, former presidential candidate and long-serving senator. John McCain told a group of anti-war protestors who barged into one of his Senate committee hearings to "Get lost, you low-life scum". Not the best bit of voter outreach.

Kevin Rudd on interpreters

When former Australian Prime Minister decided to record an address for a Chinese cultural event, he was clearly aiming to court some potential new voters. Yet instead he displayed his evident short temper and contempt for another group: interpreters. Struggling to deliver a speech given to him, he said: "You can tell these d***heads in the embassy to just give me simple sentences...The f***ing Chinese interpreter. Just f***ing hopeless."

Bob Geldof on Sky

Never one to mince his words, Sir Bob Geldof didn't take too kindly to criticism about his Band Aid 30 Ebola charity single. He was asked on Sky News, "There’s a lot of people who say there’s a lot of wealthy people in that room. If they all pay their taxes in the right way we wouldn’t need these fundraiser singles – what would you say to that?"

"I think they’re total b*****ks,” Geldof responded. He was then asked not to use such "colorful" language and to respond to another question. His second reply? "Complete load of b*****ks."

Rob Ford on drink

Toronto was voted just voted the world's best city to live in, according to research looking at a range of factors including safety, cost of living and liveability. However, its former mayor, Rob Ford, didn't really give it the best reputation after admitting to public drunkenness, drink and driving and drug use. One video from the streets of the city showed Ford stumbling outside Toronto's City Hall and swearing loudly as he hailed a cab.

Mike Tyson on Canadian interviewer

Distinguished boxer Mike Tyson declared the equally distinguished crack-smoking politician Rob Ford "the best mayor in Toronto's history" last year and backed him for reelection. This prompted a Canadian TV host to ask Tyson, "Some of your critics would say 'this is a race for mayor, we know you're a convicted rapist, this could hurt his campaign', how would you respond to that?"

Tyson ranted: "It's interesting because you come across like a nice guy but you're really a piece of s***….f*** you, that was a piece of s***."

Molly Meldrum on Prince Charles

Swearing in front of the future King? Australian presenter Meldrum struggled to compose himself and remember his lines as he prepared to interview Prince Charles in 1977. Remarkably, Charles didn't seem that bothered by the bad language. Maybe he is used to it at home?