Air rage victim sues tour firm

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A FLIGHT attendant who was allegedly attacked by a passenger plans to sue the holiday company she worked for at the time.

Fiona Weir, 32, allegedly had a vodka bottle smashed over her head as she tried to deal with a passenger. The incident happened last October on an Airtours International flight to Malaga, Spain.

In a statement released yesterday her solicitor, Iain Jenkins, said: "Fiona did not feel that her future lay with Airtours and was disappointed with some of the elements of their handling of her case. "We are currently preparing a legal case against Airtours."

The stewardess, from Wimbledon, south-west London, has since begun a new job with the airline Flying Colours.

Mr Jenkins of solicitors Lee and Priestley, based in Leeds, added: "She is busy trying to rebuild her life after the terrible trauma she has endured."

A spokeswoman for Airtours said yesterday: "We are pleased to see Fiona has sufficiently recovered to resume her flying career. We will do all we can to bring the matter to a satisfactory conclusion."

A 37-year-old British man has been charged and bailed by Spanish authorities in connection with the incident.