Al Fayed denies MI6 leak

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THE HARRODS owner, Mohamed Al Fayed, has denied playing any part in the publication of MI6 officers' names on the Internet. Mr Fayed confirmed that he had been contacted by the "rogue spy" Richard Tomlinson, but said he had told the ex-MI6 agent to direct any information he had to the correct authorities.

He said that his communications with Tomlinson had revolved around the 1997 car crash in Paris in which his son, Dodi, and Diana, Princess of Wales died.

A spokesman for Mr Fayed said: "While Mr Al Fayed believes in a more open society, he does not condone the publication of the names of secret agents, which could expose them to danger. Any suggestion to the contrary is wholly irresponsible.

"Tomlinson approached Mr Al Fayed's lawyers, claiming he had information relating to the circumstances of the crash in Paris. He was advised to communicate any information to the investigating judge."