Al Fayed will give money to pro-life party

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Mohamed Al Fayed has promised to contribute money to a new anti- abortion party which plans to field 50 candidates in the general election.

The Egyptian-born owner of Harrods, who has four children, is a strong believer in family values and has given money to at least one Christian organisation.

The new Pro-Life Alliance Party, founded by Bruno Quintavalle, 25, wants to raise enough money and find enough candidates to earn a party political broadcast on television. It will put candidates up against high-profile figures who are "pro-choice", such as Virginia Bottomley, Sir Nicholas Lyell or Marjorie Mowlam, if they have no "pro-life" opponent standing in their seats.

A spokesman for Mr Fayed said he "would not argue" with suggestions that the contribution was a five-figure sum.