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Darling, you were divine

Washout of the week

The rain ... the rain. No, it wasn't an Alexander McQueen show, this was for real. Julien Macdonald's Saturday night show was watched by an audience of drenched spectators, thanks to hours of torrential rain.

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(Pearly) Queen of the week

Anna Piaggi, the superbly eccentric creative director of Italian Vogue, chose to wear her own homage to London style on Monday night. She dressed as a Pearly Queen, complete with cane and mini-Trilby.

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Venue of the week

The Plaza Cinema on Lower Regent Street for Sonja Nuttall's show. The seats were comfy, and excerpts from Now Voyager, the Bette Davis classic, was shown. When Bette says: "Why have the moon, when we can have the stars?" the crowd broke into spontaneous applause.

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Flounce of the week

No one had ever seen Mick Hucknall leave a show so quickly. He was miffed because David Beckham and Posh Spice hogged the limelight throughout the Antonio Berardi show. The cameras ignored him and his girlfriend Marilyn, who spent part of the next day looking for press clippings about herself - only to find the picture caption gave her the name of Hucknall's last girlfriend. Diddums.

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Ticket of the week

Antonio Berardi sent out a credit card instead of a ticket. Many show- goers wondered if the "Berardi Card" was redeemable for a pair of his fabulous sexy trousers. It wasn't.

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