America: Suicide bid by 'Unabomber'

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The Unabomber suspect Theodore Kaczynski tried to kill himself yesterday by attempting to hang himself in his cell with his underwear, authorities said.

Sacramento county undersheriff Lou Blanas confirmed the suicide attempt had taken place. Observers said red marks were visible on Kaczynski's neck during an abbreviated hearing yesterday, but no mention of the attempt was made in court. Mr Blanas said Kaczynski would now be placed on 24- hour watch in his cell.

Yesterday's session - which was expected to feature opening statements - instead revolved around Kaczynski's competency to serve as his own attorney. Although he had fought earlier in the case to avoid psychological testing, he agreed yesterday to undergo tests to prove that he is competent to perform the role

Kaczynski faces a 10-count indictment covering four bomb attacks that killed two men and maimed two others. He could be condemned to death.

- Reuters, Sacramento