...and Hello! to divorce

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The Duchess of York appears in Hello! magazine almost as often as the contents page. The weekly bible of celebrity hagiography features regular updates on the Duchess's holiday, social and charity engagements.

Regular picture "exclusives" include reunions with Prince Andrew for their daughters' birthdays and specials on "The New Style Royals Finally Adjusting to Their Independent Roles".

But the real moneyspinner for the cash-strapped royal lies in cover stories for the magazine. Hello! refuses to discuss how much it pays for these, but pounds 200,000 is around the starting price for exclusive pictures and a heartwarming interview.

Even allowing for the saccharine standards of Hello! the Duchess somehow manages to "outmawk" its most mawkish offerings. Last month she re-emerged from under a pounds 3m mound of debt displaying a "stunning new look" in anaemic white-face makeup and heavy eye-liner.