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TOWN TERRACE: Why not consider this, a post-war rendering of a solid 1900s style of two-up, two-down, nestling beside the McAlpine Stadium, writes Mark Irving. The recipient of a regional award from the Royal Institute of Architecture in 1995, the stadium is a wonderful example of late hi-tech. Don't be put off by the chimney of the refuse incinerator at the other end of the street, a tough but fashionable urban signifier. The thing to do is to contrast the beautiful Yorkshire stone on the exterior with the bare plaster walls inside, a simple look once you've ripped off the Anaglypta embossed paper from the walls.

BUCKDEN and Hebden Courts: A striking pair of late-Sixties apartment blocks in the desirable Reinwood part of town. These well-maintained flats boast the latest in external infra-red movement detectors, front doors with brass-detailed spyholes and sealed anti-burglar aluminium letter boxes, and are reached via bright corridors painted with Alluminex silicon gloss anti-graffiti speckle paint. The redecoration budget of pounds 37.50 per room is just enough to hire a sander to deal with the floorboards underneath the swirly carpets, and maybe some paintwork. If you start to despair, just look at the "panoramic view" through the UPVC windows and catch sight of the Emley Moor Mast transmitter through the mist, built in the Seventies and at a sheer 1,804ft one of the most beautiful modernist icons in the country.