Anger at abortion of surrogate foetus

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Couples from abroad will no longer be linked up with British surrogate mothers after a woman aborted a baby she was carrying for a Dutch couple, writes Glenda Cooper.

Kim Cotton, founder of Cots (Childlessness Overcome Through Surrogacy) confirmed yesterday that Karen Roche had terminated the pregnancy after agreeing to have a child for Sonja and Clemens Peters.Mrs Roche was reported to have pulled out of the deal with the Peters because she did not think they were committed to the pregnancy.

Mr and Mrs Peters had been trying to have a baby for 10 years and had looked to Britain to avoid strict laws in Holland.

Mrs Roche had an abortion in April at a private clinic in London after the Peters reportedly did not turn up to three meetings to discuss the child's future.

But the couple said Mrs Roche's mood changed after she became pregnant in February. Mrs Peters, 38, told a tabloid newspaper: "She would phone demanding more and more money, and when we asked why she was being so cold towards us, she would threaten us with an abortion"

Mrs Cotton, Britain's first known commercial surrogate, said both sides had failed to follow Cots' rules. She added that due to administrative and communication difficulties they would no longer help couples from abroad although they would see those already on their books.