Anthea Turner announces marriage split

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Showbiz couple Anthea Turner and Peter Powell yesterday announced they are to separate after eight years of marriage. A statement by solicitor and close friend Mark Stephens revealed that the split was amicable and that Ms Turner is now in a new relationship.

She spoke about her marriage in the statement and said: "We began as lovers and somewhere along the way work became our abiding passion. The breakdown of a warm and loving marriage is too high a price to pay for apparent success."

She went on to disclose how her relationship with Grant Bovey began and said: "What has happened between Grant and me was borne out of circumstance and our emotional response to it has been beyond the control of either of us." She said that she bitterly regrets the hurt caused to others and said she accepts her share of responsibility.

Mr Powell said in the statement: "I have always loved Anthea and I will continue to do so. She will always have my support."