Anthem would be signal, report said

The detailed British police intelligence dossier that told Irish of hooligans' plans THE DUBLIN FOTBALL RIOT THE WARNING
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Information has been received from the English FA Travel club that a group of England supporters known to the NCIS (National Criminal Intelligence Service) Football Unit, who are from the Sheffield area, will be travelling to Dublin from Manchester airport on flight number FR805, departing at 1320 hrs on 15/2/95, returning 1200 hrs 16/2/95 to Manchester.

One of these individuals, Charles Beever, NCIS URN 1315 IU, was deported with 245 others from Italy during the 1990 World Cup for his involvement in serious disorder in Rimini (he was not charged or convicted for any offence) and also from Holland in October 1993, at the World Cup qualifying match for involvement in disorder in Amsterdam prior to the match (again he was not charged or convicted). This group will be in Block/Section UA/UB Row 13, seats 22 to 34 at Lansdowne Road.

The main Spurs target hooligan group will fly from Stansted airport on Tuesday 14 February 1995, on flight number FR211, departing 1545 hrs, arriving Dublin 1630 hrs. They will return to Stansted on 16/2/95 (flight details to follow). The Sunderland main hooligan targets (the Seaburn Casuals) will be travelling in numbers on the 0330 hrs ferry from Holyhead to Dublin on 15/2/95. There is also information that this group will travel with groups from Carlisle and Middlesbrough.

The Everton and Liverpool main target hooligans, who are mainly thieves, and who will use forged or stolen cheque and bank cards and will possibly be in possession of counterfeit currency, will be travelling from Holyhead to Dublin (details of which ferry this group will use will be forwarded later).

Oxford main target hooligans will be travelling in numbers (details to follow).

Leeds main target hooligans will be flying from Manchester airport on 14/2/95, on flight FR803, departing at 1000 hrs. They will return on flight FR802, departing Dublin 0840 hours 16/2/95. Interest has been expressed by a large number of northern-based supporters from Wigan, Bolton and Oldham. Oldham supporters recently caused serious problems at Leeds in the FA Cup and problems are anticipated if this Leeds/Oldham group travel together. This situation will be monitored by the Greater Manchester Police and West Yorkshire Police Football Intelligence Officers.

Leicester City main target hooligans will be flying from East Midlands Airport on 13/2/95. Manchester United main targets, including a number of the Cockney Reds, will be travelling to Ireland. Information has been received that Hull City main target hooligans will be travelling to Ireland.

Intelligence suggests the playing of the English national anthem prior to the match will be the signal for some sort of activity/disorder within the stadium. This will be the first occasion for some time that both the Irish and English national anthems have been played together prior to a major sporting event in Dublin.

Further information will be forwarded in due course.

The airports above will be covered by Football Intelligence Officers, who will work with Special Branch and forward intelligence to the NCIS Football Unit. This will be forwarded to the Garda Siochana in Dublin on a regular basis.

An operation involving officers from a number of forces, including North Wales Police, British Transport Police and the NCIS Football Unit, has been set up at Holyhead to monitor the movement of football supporters at the port between 14/2/95 and 16/2/95.

The England football team will depart from Luton airport on 14/2/95 at 1500 hrs on flight number BY 842A, arriving in Dublin 1600 hrs. They will return on 15/2/95 on flight number BY 842B departing 2300 hrs.

The NCIS Football Unit will be manned 24 hours from 0700 hrs Tuesday 14 February 1995 until 1800 hrs, Thursday 16 February 1995.