Anxious parents ask for HIV boy to be banned from school

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Anxious parents worried about the health of their children have asked teachers to ban a five-year-old boy from school over fears that he may have contracted the virus that causes Aids. Robert Lee is awaiting tests to see if he has caught HIV after he stabbed himself four times in both hands with a discarded hypodermic needle.

The parents of his schoolmates at Huntingtower Primary School in Grantham, Lincolnshire, called on the head teacher, Mike Wentworth, to ensure that he stays at home until he is given the all-clear. Robert's mother, Joanne Lee, said: "We are very worried about it. Robert has been given the HIV vaccine but it will take three months before we know the results of hospital tests." Robert had stabbed himself while copying his grandmother, a diabetic, after finding a syringe in the street.