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First they searched for Britain's most beautiful people. Now they want to uncover the nation's best bits.

Martini, the drinks manufacturer, is to launch a hunt for the most attractive body parts for the latest in its controversial series of advertisements.

"At the end, we'll be able to put all the most beautiful bits together and see what they look like," a spokeswoman said. "It will be interesting to see."

The idea follows the company's search last year for beautiful members of the public. Almost 40,000 people responded to the question, "Are you the best-looking person you know?" and a final four made it through casting to star in the controversial advertisements where men and women discussed having cosmetic surgery to become glamorous enough to drink Martini.

Uproar surrounded the last series when the Advertising Standards Authority received complaints that telling people to have cosmetic surgery so they looked "good enough" for the drink was hurtful to disabled people. The authority ordered that some of the advertisements should be shown only after 9pm. The company responded that it only intended to satirise vanity and it is now returning to the theme.

A spokeswoman said while many men and women did not believe they were all-round stunners, they did consider a particular part of their body to be better than anyone else's. More curiously, there were even regional variations.

Lucinda Rayburn, Martini's casting director, is to tour the country to investigate the phenomenon further.

She said: "Last year we had entries from people all over the country thinking they were the best-looking person they knew. However, we did notice regional variations when it came to parts of the body.

"Scotland seemed to be particularly strong on men's legs, there were some particularly good bottoms from Newcastle and some gorgeous lips from East Anglia."

In addition to a television appeal from Sylvester Harvey, Martini's cosmetic surgeon, for viewers to send in photographs of their favoured feature, Ms Rayburn is to extend the search via a national roadshow.

The deadline for applicants to put their best foot (or whatever) forward is 31 October.