Apology to Mr Larry Goodman

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An article headed "The Year of Eurosleaze" (Independent on Sunday, 1 January 1995) stated that Larry Goodman, of Goodman International, was a Fianna Fail donor. We do not assert that Mr Goodman made donations personally and we accept that the recent Tribunal of Inquiry into the Beef Processing Industry in Ireland discounted the allegation that the Goodman Group received political contributions. Further, there was no finding by the Tribunal that the Goodman Group fraudulently obtained over pounds 30m in extra Government and EC subsidies. It found that the Group were liable for certain abuses and irregularities committed by a sub-contractor in respect of which penalties of over pounds 1m were imposed, but cleared the Group of systematic abuse of the Agricultural Policy Support Scheme.

We regret any wrong impression our article may have caused, and apologise to Mr Goodman accordingly.