Appeal bid for Nepalese boy

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The attempt by a millionaire businessman to allow his Nepalese "son" to stay in Britain is going to the Court of Appeal Court.

Last November, a High Court judge upheld a decision by the Home Secretary, Michael Howard, to deport Jay Khadka, 20, who lives in with Richard Morley in his mansion in the Forest of Dean. The appeal may be heard within a few weeks.

Mr Morley said: "We are very pleased to have this hearing. It is right and proper that this case should be heard during the administration of the current government. They are the people responsible for this chaos."

Mr Morley made Jay his adopted heir after what he claims was a debt of honour over the young man's late father, Basu. He saved Mr Morley's life in 1984 while on a trekking expedition.

Jay came to Britain six years ago and was brought up as an English gentleman. Mr Morley has been fighting to have him stay on compassionate grounds.