Archbishop attacks Dome

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THE MILLENNIUM Dome is a symbol of man's arrogance that contrasts starkly with the humble birth of Christianity 2,000 years ago, the Archbishop of York, Dr David Hope, said yesterday.

The Archbishop made an impassioned attack on the controversial project, calling for Christians to remember the humble origins of Christmas.

Dr Hope drew a contrast between the nativity and what he calls the "self- glorification of man" which he said the Dome represents. "What a stark contrast there is here with the way in which it is proposed we are to celebrate in a year's time the second millennium of this birth," he said in a newspaper interview,

"The great humility of the manger has now become the hubris of a dome, a dome to celebrate the apotheosis of man rather than the glory of God ...

"The celebration and preparation for the second millennium of the Saviour's birth ought to be a ... recognition of our human fragility, frailty and finiteness."

His words are likely to inflame feelings among some Christians that the Dome lacks a Christian emphasis.

Dr George Carey, Archbishop of Canterbury, appeared unmoved by the latest Dome row yesterday and was said to be fully supportive of the project.