Army launches fashion label

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THE ARMY has unveiled its latest move in the battle to win new recruits with the launch of a new range of branded clothes, accessories and leisure wear.

The British military's first venture into the commercial market will see Army fleeces, T-shirts, baseball caps, combat-style trousers and mountain bikes complete with the logo - Army Be The Best - on sale from April.

The items, which also include wristwatches, walking boots, a ski-hat and stationery, will be sold for between pounds 10 to pounds 40.

Colonel Rory Clayton, the Army's head of recruitment marketing, hopes it will attract more of the 17 to 26-year-olds who form the basis of the Army's new recruits.

He said: "This is about recruiting and image-building, and it will also hopefully, underwrite much of the cost of our operation. After a long period when we have been forced by terrorism to withdraw from society, we want to make ourselves part of society again."

The range has been developed in connection with Saatchi and Saatchi with the aim of making the Army more visible.

In addition to the official slogan pens are available with a range of phrases including "Loaded with 9mm cartridges", "Loaded with lead" and "Left, write, left, write".

A Ministry of Defence spokesman added: "If we can use younger techniques to help us in our recruitment then that is what we will do. It is to heighten positive efforts of the Army not just to be the best but to be seen to be the best."