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There are five ongoing or completed cases.

w Seven members of The 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment are accused of murdering Nadhem Abdullah in Uzayr on 11 May 2003.

wThe ongoing court martial in Germany in which three soldiers from The 1st Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers are accused of abusing and assaulting prisoners near Basra in May 2003. A fourth has admitted a related charge.

w Private Alexander Johnston, of the 1st Battalion of the King's Own Scottish Borderers, last week admitted negligent discharge of his weapon. He was on guard duty in Uzayr when a boy, 13, was wounded on 2 August 2003. He pleaded guilty, was fined pounds 750 and ordered to pay the victim pounds 2,000. He remains with his unit.

wTrooper Kevin Williams, 21, of the 2nd Battalion Royal Tank Regiment is charged with murdering Hassan Said in Ad-Dayr in south-east Iraq on or before 3 August 2003. He is next due before the Old Bailey in September

w A soldier is due to face trial for allegedly faking abuse pictures.

Eight cases are under consideration by the Army Prosecuting Authority.

w Two soldiers were arrested in connection with the death of 17-year- old Ahmed Jabbar Kareem, who was allegedly beaten before drowning in Basra in May 2003.

wThe case of the hotel receptionist Baha Mousa, who was arrested in a dawn raid by the Queen's Lancashire Regiment in September 2003 and died in custody.

One case is being investigated by the Crown Prosecution Service: the death of Sergeant Steve Roberts, 33, who was killed by "friendly fire". The 33-year-old, from the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment, died on 24 March 2003. An Iraqi is also understood to have been killed. An army officer and four soldiers potentially face charges.

There are 52 further cases of still to be investigated.

The Birmingham-based campaigning lawyer Phil Shiner also has 40 potential civil cases of alleged abuse.