Assault On The Serbs: The Timetable

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Wednesday 24 March

11.50am Eight US B-52s leave RAF Fairford, Gloucestershire.

6.50pm 80 warplanes, including eight RAF Harrier jets, leave Nato bases in Italy.

8pm First hits reported near Pristina, followed by strikes near Belgrade, Podgorica and Kopanik.

10pm Yugoslav army reports women and children killed in shelling of Podgorica.

10.05pm Cruise missiles launched from US warships in Adriatic.

10.15pm Yugoslavia declares state of war.

11.20pm Explosions south-west of Pristina, near airport.

Thursday 25 March

2.10am US ships in southern Adriatic fire salvo of cruise missiles.

5.05am Yugoslav army general staff says 40 targets hit.

10.40am Reports of rebel attacks in Kosovo.

11.38am Dutch radio journalist arrested by Serb police at hotel in Belgrade.

11.48am Serbians shell two villages in north-eastern Albania.

11.52am Yugoslavia closes banks and post offices, and puts state bodies on war footing.

5.15pm Stealth fighter planes take off from Nato base at Aviano, north- eastern Italy.

7pm Nato fires new round of ship-launched cruise missiles against Serbian targets.

7.05pm Two large flashes seen over Pristina.

7.50pm Seven flashes over Pristina, city plunged into darkness.