Atlantic owner fumes at White's spin tactics

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THE BATTLE between restaurateurs Oliver Peyton and Marco Pierre White took another twist yesterday when Mr Peyton told The Independent that he was stunned by reports he had read of the High Court case this week.

Mr Peyton, the owner of the Atlantic Bar and Grill in central London, said of Mr White: "This guy is so good at spin, I'm surprised he doesn't work for the Labour Party." Mr Peyton had sued Mr White, who runs the Titanic restaurant in the same London building, claiming it was a replica of his own establishment and should be closed.In the event the pair ended up settling their differences privately after one day in court.

Mr Peyton said yesterday: "I was the only one in court on Monday. I was standing there. Where was he? And then I read in the London Evening Standard Marco saying he was dying to go to court. In fact, they have been gagging to get out of this case. All the reports are inaccurate. Marco said we made an offer to him. But we have never made him an offer.

"He kept saying he was dying for his day in court. He has said in the papers that he is a hunter. If he's such a hunter, why wasn't he in court? People go on about this rivalry between us. You know the truth, I have only ever met him once in my life, and then we only shook hands."