Autumnal Equinox: Today's Google Doodle about the first day autumn is much nicer than its new logo

Social media users have reacted positively to the new doodle

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To mark the autumnal equinox Google has created a new doodle.

The animation shows the company's name spelt out in a variety of traditional autumnal vegetables – with a cute squirrel bouncing between them.

Many have reacted positively to the doodle, marking the first day of autumn, with the squirrel proving particularly popular. A Twitter user said: "Google [Doodle] is just too adorable today!"

The autumnal equinox occurs when the daytime and night are approximately equal because the earth's axis point neither towards nor away from the sun. In Latin, the term 'equinox' means equal night.

Google celebrated the autumnal equinox last year with an animation showing a man walking along a row of grey trees which transformed into bright colour as he passed by.

Earlier this month, Google revamped their logo with perhaps the most dramatic change in its history. In a blog post, Google said the new logo reflected the fact that people interacted with the search engine across a range of platforms.


"This isn’t the first time we’ve changed our look and it probably won’t be the last, but we think today’s update is a great reflection of all the ways Google works for you," the blog post read.

The change divided opinion with many branding it unnecessary, childish and lacking impact.