B-list celebrities to vote with their feet

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A growing band of celebrities - largely from the invitation "B" list - is fighting for John Major with the pledge that they will leave Britain if Tony Blair takes up residence in Downing Street.

The millionaire former world champion boxer and pantomime regular, Frank Bruno, heads the round-up of migrating celebrities.

Bruno, who once described the taxman as his toughest opponent, said: "When I see my accountant, sometimes it hurts and you cry.

"But if Labour came in, I would do more than cry. A lot of people like myself are going to emigrate. I've got three young kids and what's best for them is for me to vote John Major."

The magician Paul Daniels, 58, has also said he may leave the country if Mr Blair gets into power. "I am wealthy enough to suffer the temptation of buying a house in Barbados and call it a day in Britain, take the money and go and play golf," he said.

"It will depend on the political situation. I should feel guilty because of my socialist roots, but I got that out of my system when I worked in local government. And I happen to think that capitalism creates jobs."

He joins the growing ranks of show business personalities whose views are likely to be canvassed in the run-up to the election. Earlier this year, the millionaire composer Lord Lloyd-Webber had to fiercely rebut rumours that he would leave Britain if Labour wins the election.

Even the snooker ace Stephen Hendry is not immune to the fear of Blair. John Gilmour, his accountant, said: "Stephen is still concerned about the tartan tax.

"There is a possibility that he would move south, so he would not be taxed twice. But he would hate to leave Scotland because he loves it here. He is going to have to wait and see until Labour give us more details."

But boxer Chris Eubank, who at the last election said he would emigrate if Neil Kinnock moved into No.10, has changed his mind. The former champion said: "Five years ago I was not as experienced as I am now. I love the UK and I want to stay here."

Mr Blair can rest easy safe in the knowledge that at least one B-list celebrity has converted to New Labour and will be staying in Britain.