BA awaits verdict on terror threat protest

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A French court will rule today whether British Airways was within its rights to refuse, for security reasons to operate check-in desks at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport next to those of the Algerian national airline.

BA operations at the main French airport have been severely disrupted since Saturday because the airline has closed its check-ins during the busiest part of the day. Passengers with more than hand-luggage have been advised by BA to switch to other airlines, or take the train. Alternatively, BA has been inviting them to fly without their luggage, which is delivered to their homes the next day.

Following a number of bomb attacks in France connected to the Algerian civil war, British Airways claims that the presence of Air Algerie in the neighbouring check-in desks greatly increases the threat of its passengers or staff being injured in a terrorist attack. The Algerian air line resumed flights from Charles de Gaulle airport on Friday, after a two year break.