Baby given 7 new organs

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Miami (AP) - A 10-month-old Italian girl is in good condition after receiving seven transplanted organs at a hospital in Miami. Eugenia Borgos of Genoa received a new liver, pancreas, stomach, large and small intestines and two kidneys during a 16-hour operation at Jackson Children's Hospital.

Doctors say the baby's prognosis is good. But her mother, Frederica, says, "We don't know anything about the future. I'm very wary. The best thing for me is to think for today and for tomorrow."

Eugenia, who suffered from a rare congenital defect interfering with her ability to absorb nutrients, was the second big transplant patient at the hospital in a week. Julianne Prudhomme, four, of Idaho, suffered a narrowing of the intestines and needed a new liver, stomach, pancreas and intestines. Doctors said she is recovering quickly, Julianne's mother, Penny Huffman, said she differed from Mrs Borgos: "We want everyone to know about this, about organ donation ... we're looking to the future."