Baby to stay on its diet of beef

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Professor John Pattison, head of SEAC, the independent advisory committee on mad-cow disease, said yesterday that he would not give beef to his three-month old grandson, who had never eaten meat, but that his nine-month-old grand-daughter would continue eating beef.

Speaking on Radio 4's Farming Today programme, Professor Pattison said that he had a grandson, aged three months, who has yet to eat beef.

"My daughter and son-in-law are simply going to wait another six or 12 months to see what happens before introducing him to beef or any beef products," he said.

As for his grand-daughter, aged nine months, "Our son and daughter- in-law have actually given our grand-daughter some beef. They actually prepare the babies' meals from the same material that they use for their own meals - that is , from quality beef" from a well-known high-street supermarket."

The professor was criticised by Labour for spreading further confusion.