Balkan Agreement: Quotes

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"I feel no sense of triumph now, only the knowledge that our cause was just. Milosevic now knows we will not let racial genocide go on without challenge"

Tony Blair

"We have defended the only multi-ethnic society left over as a remnant of the former Yugoslavia - this is another great achievement"

Slobodan Milosevic

"Serbia's opposition should start demanding Milosevic's resignation and new elections. His resignation is a key condition for real peace"

Zoran Djindjic, leader of Serbia's Democratic Party

"Their [the refugees'] only hope was that the world would not turn away in the face of ethnic cleansing and killing, that the world would take a stand"

Bill Clinton

"According to the declaration of the Supreme Command, the withdrawal of troops is beginning today from Kosovo"

Maj-Gen Vladimir Lazarevic, commander, Yugoslav army's Pristina Corps

"I instructed General Wesley Clark to suspend Nato's air operations. The withdrawal of Yugoslav security forces from Kosovo is taking place"

Javier Solana, Nato secretary-general