Ban for singer `with dog called Mohamed'

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A LEBANESE pop singer accused of naming a dog after the Prophet Mohamed has been barred from entering Egypt, according to a government-run newspaper.

Police at Cairo airport denied Najwa Karam entry on Thursday, sending her back to Beirut, Al-Messa reported. She had been booked to perform at hotels in Cairo.

Egypt became the first nation to deny entry to the popular singer since a magazine claimed that she had named her dog after the founder of Islam. Muslims consider dogs unclean, and insulting the Prophet Mohamed blasphemous.

Ms Karam, a Christian, has denied the accusation and her lawyer has said she doesn't even own a dog. Still, the claim has prompted many radio and television stations to ban her songs. Efforts by the Lebanese embassy failed to persuade police to allow Ms Karam entry, the newspaper said.

Police gave no reason for turning back the singer. (AP)