Bardot bid to reduce strays in Romania

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A conference of Western veterinarians and animal-care organisations, joined by Brigitte Bardot, pledged yesterday to rid Bucharest of its 200,000 stray dogs within three years.

Bardot suggested the campaign could be helped by killing puppies before they became a problem. "As astonishing as it may sound coming from me, I think puppies up to one week old should be killed," she said.

The former actress said two strays she adopted during her first visit to Romania had spent the night in her room at Bucharest's most luxurious hotel and would be returning to France to join her 15 other pets. One of the dogs was missing a paw. "I set an example yesterday by taking two dogs from the street," she said. "All they need is love and affection."

The first International Conference on Stray Dogs was told that 250 veterinarians were needed to castrate 40,000 animals a year in the city, where strays wander unmolested through office buildings, hospital courtyards and airport runways. - Reuters, Bucharest