Battle of the Airlines: 'We must get more passengers'

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'I MUST have been the victim of an elaborate and disgraceful deception carried out by British Airways.' - Yvonne Parsons, Virgin passenger who BA tried to poach.

'BRITISH Airways doesn't make money by helping old biddies to the gate. From now on we must get more passengers from other airlines.' - Jeff Day, head of BA's special services and sales at Gatwick airport.

'I FOUND it spooky to think they had been watching me.' - A rock musician offered BA business class ticket for economy fare by BA staff who said they knew he was a regular Virgin passenger.

'SPECIAL combination locks were fixed to the doors - only team members knew the combination. We were told never to discuss work with BA staff or mention it to friends or families.' - Sadig Khalifa, former member of dirty-trick team.